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Tuition & Courses

I consider fly fishing to be an art. To be able to cast a fly rod efficiently and with minimum of effort is a real joy. Of course catching fish is the ultimate goal, however the ability to cast a fly with accuracy and good presentation, or to overcome drag and see a fish rise to your fly due to skillful casting greatly adds to the pleasure of a day’s fishing. Wind and adverse weather can cause problems when casting which could spoil your day unless you have the knowledge and skills to adapt to the prevailing conditions.


When river fishing you may find you are restricted to fishing from one bank only, unless you can adapt your casting style, poor technique results and frustration can arise ruining your day. I am qualified to demonstrate and teach casting methods to overcome all of these problems with both single and double handed rod techniques.

I aim to provide a level of service for my clients so that they go away feeling that the time spent with me has helped developed their skills, knowledge and most important of all they have enjoyed the session.


Sessions can be arranged for individuals or groups and if required I can arrange further qualified instructors to help.

For clients future reference laminated handouts are always provided on the casting techniques covered.


All standards are welcome from complete beginners to more advance anglers who wish to expand their skills.

Tuition can be on stillwater’s or rivers depending on your choice and time of year.

My usual venues for tuition are indicated elsewhere on the website although it may be possible to travel to other waters of your choice.

All sessions are for a minimum of two hours up to six hours and will be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of individual or groups.


I consider it essential to first explain fishing etiquette involving fellow anglers and also respect for the environment around us so that we may all enjoy it.

Sessions for beginners include advice on safety, setting up tackle, basic casting techniques, knots, flies and basic entomology, tactics including different methods of fishing and retrieving flies also how to net  and release the fish safely and if you decide to keep a fish advice on how to prepare and cook your catch.

For those who are more experienced, topics covered can be improving casting technique, choice of cast in windy conditions, single and double hauling, presentation casts, change of direction casts, avoiding drag when river fishing and fishing weighted flies i.e. Czech nymphs and how to fish them.


I specialise in Spey casting with both single, double handed and switch rods using traditional Spey lines, Scandi and Skagit casts. Please contact me for details.

Spey Casting and Salmon fishing Courses at Pedwell beat and River Tweed 2020.

We plan to arrange Salmon Fishing Courses during 2020 Season.

I will be in attendance  with resident ghillie/boatman and expert Salmon angler Peter Lee.

I will be providing Speycasting Instruction and Peter will be the practical fishing guide on both bank and boat fishing techniques.

There are at present 3 vacancies on the course which will be flexible to suit each individuals requirements, designed for complete beginners to those who wish to improve their knowledge of catching Salmon or casting skills, we can offer a complete package.

Lunches will be provided and all tackle can also be provided if required

For further information please get in touch ASAP.

Fly Fishing Casting Tuition Northumberland Lessons
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